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Ningshing Trading Group held the 2021 semi-annual work conference and innovation

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On the afternoon of July 23, 2021, the 2021 semi-annual work conference and innovation development theme salon of Ningshing Trading Group was held in Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel. More than 40 people, including leaders of the president's office of Ningshing Holdings and relevant department heads, operation and management personnel of Ningshing Trading Group, and some business backbones attended the conference.

At the semi-annual conference, the participating companies and departments exchanged reports on the completion of the main work and business indicators in the first half of the year, and combined the changes in the situation and the market situation, and put forward the work goals and measures for the second half of the year. General Manager Zhang Lei made a semi-annual work report of the trade group, briefly reviewed the company's basic operating conditions in the first half of the year, summarized the achievements of each sector, analyzed the problems and deficiencies in the development process, and focused on the deployment of the work in the second half of the year. Mr. Zhang pointed out that many unfavorable factors affecting foreign trade and exports still exist in the second half of the year. It is necessary to have a clear understanding and full preparation for this, improve the ability to control risks and uncertainties, further deepen the implementation of innovative development strategic planning, and strive for key projects. The breakthrough and improvement of the company, strengthen professional operation, strive to improve the quality and efficiency of operation, go all out to strive for success, and promote the company's sustained, stable and high-quality development.

At the “Deepening the Construction of Trade, Industry and Research, and Enhance Digital Operation”, the five keynote speakers Dai Lei, Tong Xiaojian, Wu Chaochao, Cao Min, Gao Yuan and other speakers discussed the overall process design of organizational capacity building and plumbing growth business, and rubber shoes trade. The insights of the integration of industrial research and research, the exploration of Sunflower's network marketing model, the digitalization of Ningshingyun’s cross-border e-commerce product selection, the current situation of company informatization and the exploration of applications and other topics shared their own practice and experience. The content is wonderful and professional. Abundant, the participants combined with the problems encountered in business development, thinking about the innovative model, etc., had a lively interactive discussion with the speaker. The atmosphere was active and the participants benefited a lot and deepened their understanding of the company's innovative development plan.Learning and exchanging new development ideas, and stimulated the sense of innovation.

At the end of the meeting, Tan Zhengguo, executive vice president of Ningshing Holdings, gave a speech. He fully affirmed that the trading group resisted the impact of various unfavorable factors in the first half of the year under the complicated external situation, and achieved both revenue and profit growth; facing the second half of the year Development goals, he encouraged all cadres to work hard to improve keen market insight, judgment, resilience, efficient and tenacious execution, big data, artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological capabilities, excellence in management capabilities, and continuous innovation and development. To further strengthen the key investment in key projects of trade, industry and research, strive to achieve key breakthroughs, strengthen the foundation, cultivate new machines, open new bureaus, and strive to build a development path that suits its own reality, achieve the sustainable development of traditional foreign trade enterprises, and strengthen risks Management, strengthen team building, and promote the more solid and stable development of the cornerstone business of Ningshing Foreign Trade.



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