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Ningshing Trading Group held a symposium on behalf of young employees

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On May 18th, Ningshing Trading Group held a symposium of young employee representatives of “Gathering the youth and bravely shouldering the mission of development”. Nearly 20 young employee representatives from various companies and departments gathered together. Members of the trading group participated in the symposium. The meeting will be chaired by Li Junbo, Vice President.

At the symposium, young employee representatives closely focused on the company’s innovation and breakthroughs and quality management as the main line of development, combined with their own reality, and shared their insights and experiences on how to strengthen their own capacity building and how to achieve the combination of personal career development and company development.Put forward ideas and suggestions on the construction of the young workforce, and communicate and discuss the difficulties and demands in actual work. The leaders at the meeting listened carefully to the ideas and suggestions of each young employee, understood everyone's development needs, encouraged everyone to face difficulties, forge ahead, give full play to the passion of the company and strive to become the backbone of the company's development.

General Manager Zhang Lei made a concluding speech. He fully affirmed the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of young employees. He pointed out that young employees are the new force of the company's innovation and transformation and the inexhaustible driving force to promote the company's sustainable development. Young employees are required to stand on their posts, clarify their goals, and work hard.Pioneering and innovative, I hope that young employees are optimistic, have the courage to try and make mistakes, develop lifelong learning habits, maintain active and healthy living habits, and develop and progress together with the company with hard work and actual performance. Mr. Zhang emphasized that this is a critical period for the company's transformation and upgrading, and it is also a great opportunity for young employees to display their ambitions and take responsibility. He hopes that young employees will continue to improve themselves, form a teamwork, and contribute their youth to the company's development. Mr. Zhang also presented to each young employee representative the "Efficient Manager" by Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, and encouraged everyone to learn effective management through their own efforts.

The atmosphere of the symposium was enthusiastic. The representatives of young employees spoke freely, expressed their opinions, and actively provided suggestions and suggestions for the company’s innovation and development. Suggestions to further improve the company’s work. This symposium built a communication bridge between young employees and the company, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of young employees, strengthened the sense of responsibility of young employees, and enhanced their sense of acquisition, belonging and identification with the company.



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