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Pep Rally for the 4th Quarter of 2021

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      In order to further unify thoughts, strengthen employee's mind and spirit, make persistent efforts, and fully realize the business objectives and tasks in 2021, Ningshing Holdings held the Pep Rally for the 4th Quarter of 2021 on October 13th at the third floor of Tianning Building.

      The meeting was presided over by Mr. Huang Yongzeng,President of Ningshing Holdings. The representatives of subsidiaries reported the overall business operation of the first three quarters, and put forward specific measures to ensure the achievement of the annual target in the fourth quarter.

      Mr. Huang affirmed the achievements made since the first three quarters, analyzed various factors affecting production and operation and the grim situation at present, and put forward requirements in four aspects, such as strengthening market expansion, focusing on key points, strengthening risk management, and making pre-arrangements for production and operation for year 2022. He hoped that all members should seize opportunities, embrace changes, face the frontier industries, strengthen innovation guidance, and promote the high-quality development of Ningshing Holdings.

      Finally, Chairman Wu Yigang made a mobilization speech. He emphasized the importance and urgency of this meeting, pointed out the main problems and weakness existing in the current operation, and put forward key requirements for the work in the fourth quarter. He demanded that we should keep a close eye on the target, sprint hard and complete the annual tasks with high quality; put efficiency first, practically improve the operation and quality; carry forward the craftsman spirit, and push forward the achievements of key projects of trade and industry; raise awareness, intensify work, strengthen the human resource development and management; seize the opportunity, make arrangements and preparations for sustainable development in year 2022. Faced with the pressure of tight time and heavy tasks in the fourth quarter, Mr. Wu demanded the management teams at all levels to act quickly, work hard, overcome difficulties, and make extra effort to fight for the annual goals and tasks.



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