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A visit to 2021 WDEC

Date : 2021-10-18 09:28:18Views :

      On October 15th, Chairman Wu Yigang, Vice Chairman Gao Ping, Vice President Yang Xiaojun, Wang Wentong  together with other more than 20 members from related subsidiaries attended the 2021 Digital Economy Conference in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. Under the guidance and direction of the National Network Information Office and the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, the Conference was jointly organized by Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the Provincial Economic and Information Office and other relevant organizations. It displayed a number of advanced new technologies, products and achievements in digital reform and digital economy in a multi-level and thematic way with the theme of "Digital Drive and Intelligent Development".

      During the visit, Mr. Wu specially listened to the on-site explanation of the application of China Unicom and China Mobile's 5g scenes in digital factories and intelligent workshops, and interacted with relevant personnel on the on-site digital construction of Ningshing’s production industrial base. In addition, the group also experienced the new achievements of exhibition halls such as Washu, Huawei and Alibaba Cloud in the field of intelligent industry and intelligent application.

      Mr. Wu said that digital industrialization and digital industry are not only the general trend, but also the development trend. This visit was a very good learning opportunity. He asked all subsidiaries and departments to focus on the industrial Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, integrate talents, technology and capital, and drive digital transformation with innovation. He also urged all subsidiaries and sectors to continue to participate in the online "Ningbo Cloud Exhibition", experience new technologies such as 5g, big data and virtual reality, discover new opportunities and seek new breakthroughs.



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