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The 16th “Charity Day” of Ningshing Holding Corporation

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In order to achieve the social responsibility, develop the public benefit environment and encourage Ningshing members to donate, Ningshing Holding Corporation organized the 16th “Charity Day” event in the Ningshing Hall on 9th June. This event developed from 1999 and continued for 16 years. More than 100 managers and employees from Ningshing headquarters and sub-companies attended this time.

GUO Tianfang, the deputy secretary of Ningbo Charity Federation, was invited to join this event. Mr. GUO introduced the Ningbo Charity Federation and shared several charity stories to encourage Ningshing employees to donate for society. He also complimented the charity donation of Ningshing Holding Corporation and supported company’s future development. Two representatives shared their charity and public benefits experiences, namely, ZHU Weidong who is the CEO of Ningshing Hengqi company and HOU Changrong who is the representative of volunteers in Ningshing Trade Group Company. Finally, GAO Ping, the secretary of the party committee and vice chairman, summarized the Ningshing Holding Corporation’ development and future plan. Ms GAO also claimed that Ningshing always put the social responsibility and charity on the top list.

WU Yigang, the Chairman & president of Ningshing Holding Corporation lead managers and employees donate their charity money. The 16th “Charity Day” event totally collected charity money more than 80,000 RMB.




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