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One Day Donation & Blood Donation--- Ningshing 2019 Charity Events

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      On the morning of May 24th, Ningshing Holdings organized charity and welfare activity named “one Day donation & Blood donation".

      Early in the morning, the staff who participated in the blood donation came to the scene one after another. This was also the second unpaid blood donation activity held by Ningshing since 2017. Among the participants, there were senior Ningshing employees nearly 60 years old, the new employees, those who donating for the first time, and significantly a "blood donation hero" who had donated blood for 16 times consecutively. There were also some donators who were inspired by the active atmosphere of the scene. Finally, there were 33 people passing the physical examination and donated blood successfully.  

      After that, there was a charity event named “One Day Donation”. At the ceremony, Mr. Guo Tianfang, the General Secretary from Ningbo Charity Federation spoke highly of Ningshing’s contribution to Ningbo charity and public welfare. Mrs. Zhu Daiyi from the city Central Blood Station introduced the donation situation and the positive significance of Ningbo's voluntary blood donation. Two representatives of Ningshing Volunteers, namely Mr. Zhou Yu from Sinomach Ningshing Auto Investment and Mrs. Weng Minmin from Ningshing Haixin shared their understanding of Ningshing's charitable ideas and culture as well as their experiences and understanding of volunteer activities.

      Then, Ms. Gao Ping, secretary of the company's party committee and vice chairman, fully affirmed the significance of today's blood donation activities and one-day donations, expounded Ningshing's corporate purposes and charitable cultural concepts, and reviewed the charitable undertakings that Ningshing has adhered to for many years. She also pointed out that only by continuous development of the enterprise can the Company shoulder more social responsibilities and make greater contributions to the society. She hoped that everyone in Ningshing would strengthen his responsibility and professional focus, and actively mobilize all Ningshing people's entrepreneurial innovation to improve the quality and efficiency of business, work together to promote Philanthropy of Ningbo and make greater contributions to the construction of Ningshing Holdings' bright future!

      Finally, under the leadership of Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, all the representatives of Ningshing subsidiaries and departments made donations on the spot. The one-day donation campaign of 2109 raised a total of RMB117,000 Yuan.



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