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      Ningshing Holdings organized charity and welfare activity named “One Day Donation & Voluntary Blood Donation" on May 24th. As the 22nd year of One Day Donation and the 4th year of Voluntary Blood Donation, the activity received positive response and extensive participation among Ninshing staffs. There were 46 staffs donating their blood, who felt very happy and worthwhile. 

      At the activity ceremony, Mr. Chen Yunjin, President of Nignbo Municipal Charity Federation, spoke highly of Ningshing Holdings' persistent dedication and responsibility for 22 years; Mr. Huang Kai, deputy master of the city center blood station, fully affirmed Ningshing Holdings' support and contribution to Ningbo's voluntary blood donation work for many years, and awarded Ningshing Holdings the medal of "2020 Ningbo Love Unit of Voluntary Blood Donation". On behalf of Ningshing Holding volunteers, Mr. Hua Xudong  from Ningshing Trading Group and Mr. Wang Gaomin from Ningshing Kinhil, shared their charity experiences and their understanding of Ningshing charity culture.

      Then, Ms. Gao Ping, the Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Ningshing Holdings delivered a speech. She pointed out that One Day Donation and Voluntary Blood Donation were the two public welfare activities with the widest participation of staffs in Ningshing Holdings. She reviewed Ningshing's charitable work, emphasized that the company not only sought growth and development, but also strengthened the consciousness of caring and contributing to society. She particularly emphasized that this year is the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. She hoped that all employees would work hard and contribute to the society, and make greater contributions to the construction of beautiful Ningbo and the realization of Ningshing Dream.

      Finally, under the leadership of Mr. Wu Yigang, Chairman of Ningshing Holdings, representatives from all subsidiaries and departments donated one day salary on the spot. Up till now, a total of RMB 146,797.38 Yuan has been raised.



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