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Ningshing Holdings Celebrated Children’s Day with Baifeng Primary School

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Ningshing Holdings YCL celebrated the Children’s Day together with teachers and students from Beilun Baifeng Primary School on June 1, 2018. The company’s new Youth League Committee expressed Ningshing’s sincere care and holiday greetings to the whole school, and presented sporting utilities including basketball, volleyball and football as holiday gifts, and wished that all the students would have a happy and healthy life.

Ningshing Holdings and Baifeng Primary School have been enjoying more than 20 years’ origins and deep feelings. Ningshing had made financial donations to help educational development of Ningshing Shangyang Primary School (now incorporated into the Baifeng Primary School). The accumulated amount of contributions was up to RMB 1.2 million Yuan. And in year 2017, the company had set up Ningshing Scholarship to fund the teachers and students of the school.

During the activity, the company’s representatives of league member, on behalf of Ningshing, awarded certificates and scholarships to twenty-four students who won the prize of Ningshing Scholarship during the second semester 2017. At last, Ningshing league members enjoyed the wonderful performance with the school and had a wonderful time.



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