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Children's Day with Special Love and Joy

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      On June1st, the Youth League Committee of Ningshing Holdings and Baifeng Town Central Primary School of Beilun jointly held a special Children's day for the students. This activity came at a special time of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The Youth league members prepared many beautiful gifts for the students, they also sent sincere festival wishes from Ningshing colleagues via online broadcasting. The students enjoyed the fun of labor and the value of labor through the champion tournament video via Cloud Audio-Visual and celebrated Children's Day in a lively labor competition.

      Ningshing Holdings and Baifeng Town Primary School have had a profound relationship for more than 20 years. Ningshing Holdings had contributed millions of yuan to Ningshing Shangyang Primary School which incorporated into Baifeng Primary School several years ago, and set up "Ningshing Scholarship" for it in 2017. Celebrating Children's Day with teachers and students of Baifeng Town Primary School was also an important part of Ningshing Holdings' public welfare activities.




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