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The Signing Ceremony of the Forth Ningshing Educational Charity Fund

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      Ningshing Holdings and Ningbo Charity Federation jointly hosted the signing   ceremony of Ningshing Educational Charity Fund and the issuing ceremony of student grants in Tianning Mansion of Ningbo on August 15th. Mr.Chen Yunjin, the President of Ningbo Charity Federation, Mr.Guo Tianfang, the Vice Secretary-general of Ningbo Charity Federation, Mr.Shao Yi, the Vice Secretary-general of Ningbo Charity Federation, Mrs.Gao Ping, the Vice Chairman and Party Secretary of Ningshing Holdings, and representative leaders from Haishu and Jiangbei Charity Federation, staff of Ningshing, and the college students who got the aid attended the ceremony.

      During the ceremony, Mrs.Gao Ping, together with Mr.Chen Yunjin signed the agreement of the 4th Ningshing Educational Charity Fund. On behalf of Ningshign, Mrs.Gao Ping donated 1000,000 RMB education fund to Ningbo Charity Federation, and Mr.Chen Yunjin awarded the donation certification to Ningshing. Ningshing educational charity fund was established in 2003. During the past 15 years, the accumulated amount of charity money were up to 3000,000 RMB, which had so far sponsored more than 700 college students from Ningbo and several educational charity items.

      Mrs.Gao Ping, the company’s vice Chairman pointed out that it’s Ningshings’ responsibility to participate in charity activity. Ningshing regarded this responsibility as the powerful engine of the company’s development, and would consistently make contribution to Ningbo Charity and the construction of harmonious society. As believing in the concept that Education is a fundamental task for the coming generation, Ningshing would take educational charity as a long-term work, and try to help more students realize their dreams. Meanwhile, Mrs.Gao also hoped that, those assisted students would bravely encounter this temporary difficluties, keep the spirit of fighting, study hard and try to realize their own value. Mr.Chen Yunjin, the president of Ningbo Charity Federation, spoke highly of Ningshing’s effective functions in educational charity and other charitable activities, and he also showed great expectations for those college students. During the ceremony, Ms.Zhu Lingzhi, the representative of the college students, Mr.Gu Lingyin, the vice president of Baifeng Primary School, Mr.Qiu Song, the representative from Ningshing, gave the enthusiastic speech respectively.



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