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Happy Children's Day

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      On June 1st, the Youth League Committee of Ningshing Holdings assigned a delegation of 9 youth representatives to Baifeng Primary School of Beilun, one of the aid recipients of Ningshing Edu-Aid Project, to celebrate the Children's Day with teachers and students together. The principal of the school and the representatives enjoyed the wonderful Children’s performance,visited the calligraphy cultural corridor of Ningshing Building, experienced the electronic screen of "Intelligent Growth Bank" installed outside the classroom wall, and organized the self-care activity under Ningshing Holdings’title. At last, the representatives presented sports and study supplies to Baifeng Primary School, and extended Ningshing Holdings' profound caring and festive blessing to them.

      Ningshing Holdings has always incorporated charity assistance as a long-term continuous work into the construction of corporate culture, so that the Love of Ningshing can be transmitted further and wider.



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